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APREL have developed hand held antenna probes that can be used to sniff out problems on a circuit board that may be causing EMC noise. The antenna probes come in E and H field versions and can be used as either a receiver or method to excite a circuit.


These probes come in custom lengths and can be adapted very easily when required. Typical frequency application for each probe is from 100kHz to 6GHz all in one single package.

APREL has developed a range of dipoles for use in dosimetric and near/far field applications with all commercial SAR and HAC systems. We offer a range of dipoles for RF shielded enclosure certification and anechoic antenna measurement certification.


Dipoles are tuned to specified frequency for tissue (SAR) and air (HAC) for probe calibration, system performance check and/or system validation as required by compliance test standards.

The APREL Phantoms have been developed as an engineering tool for both compliance and development. Our Phantoms are designed for the ALSAS 10U and can be integrated freely onto other SAR measurement systems. The unique design allows repeatable measurements for all devices, including handsets, PDA units, laptop computers, and validation dipoles.


The APREL Phantoms have been fully validated both experimentally from 30MHz to 6GHz and numerically using Remcom XFDTD numerical software.

Universal Device Positioner has been designed to allow complete freedom of movement of a DUT. It has been developed to hold the DUT in the equivalent of free space to avoid additional loading attributable to the material used in the construction of the positioner so as to reduce measurement uncertainty. Positioner has a built-in 15 degree feature used for fast and accurate touch to tilt movement.


The APREL device positioner can hold in-place devices such as handsets, smart phones, clam shell phones, PDA’s and small size tablets and laptops. The device positioner can be used for HAC testing (Hearing Aid Compatibility).When used with the Universal Work Station and its adjustable shelves, the positioner provides 8 degrees of motion.

APREL offers a complete line of tissue simulating liquids for various testing applications. Head and Body tissue simulation fluids in the frequency range of 150 MHz to 6 GHz are based on IEEE-1528, IEC 62209 and FCC Supplement C guidelines.

All fluids meet the dielectric specifications as outlined in the above standards.

APREL Dielectric Probe Kit is specifically developed to measure complex permittivity and conductivity characteristics of liquids in the RF and microwave frequency bands. The ALS-PRE-DIEL software allows to measure the complex dielectric constant of tissues as described in IEEE-1528 and IEC-62209.

The ALS-PRE-DIEL must be used in conjunction with a network analyzer and computer preloaded with APREL proprietary software.

APREL has developed a line of Helmholtz Coil units of different sizes: large, mid and small to meet specific onsite environmental requests. All coil forms, base and supporting structures are of non-metallic low permittivity materials.

The Telephone Magnetic Field Simulator (TMFS) is designed and optimized for the reference check of the HAC T-Coil measurement setup according to ANSI C63.19 standard. The TMFS generates a well-defined magnetic field with accurately characterized relationship between input signal and resulting field for the validation of automated HAC audio band magnetic signal test methods.

The Wireless Throughput Tester WTT-127A is a anechoic chamber that comes fully integrated with a built-in turntable, 2 isolation shield enclosures for Client AP (2.5 GHz & 5 GHz), signal interference filters, programmable RF attenuators and an OTA (over the air) conduction port.

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