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APREL first began operations in 1980 as a product driven electroacoustic lab, to become a pioneer in the development of automated test systems and test solutions for emerging technologies.


Developing our first automated SAR test system in 1999, APREL has since been an active member of IEEE, ANSI and IEC standards development groups.


A significant turning point was in 2011 when APREL Inc. released the EM-ISight system with the Denso robotics platform, allowing for significant scalability to meet the needs of our customers.  Through these systems, APREL has assisted in the evolution of design, research and certification of wireless and medical devices associated with a vast variety of industries. Working closely with eminent companies, our team is determined to develop new leading-edge technologies and methodologies, helping designers to bridge the gap between development, certification and quality control.


With over 30 years of operating experience, the team at APREL is committed to the improvement, functionality and quality of our solutions with considerable attention to the avoidance of legacy. The R&D team at APREL is forging a new path in system development within near-field evaluations for SAR, HAC and EMI.


Our internal research and development has enabled our test solutions to evolve faster than our competitors and with near-field systems that can support radio frequencies from 10kHz to 40GHz we continue leading the way in evolving our technologies where frequencies up to 70GHz are a realistic achievement. APREL does not react to market changes, we guide them through close collaboration with leading developers and manufacturers in the consumer, industrial and academic fields. 


APREL is accredited to ISO/IEC-17025.


APREL’s solutions are developed in line with the latest methodologies our systems are fully compliant with the technical and scientific requirements of

  • IEC,

  • IEEE,

  • CENELEC (EN50361),

  • ANSI,

  • ARIB,

  • ACA,

  • Industry Canada, 

  • Federal Communication Commission (FCC).


Quality control and traceability is key to both the success of APREL and the success of our customers.


As one of the first organisations accredited for Specific Absorption Rate evaluation to Guide 25 in the early 90’s, the knowledge and understanding of the requirements for test and certification has lead APREL into developing some of the most flexible test solutions on the market.


The EM-ISight is the first near-field scanning system to have been accredited to ISO/IEC-17025 for measurements from 10kHz to 20GHz, with 40GHz pending and support for higher frequencies as part of our roadmap. 


Today, APREL is an independent research-driven engineering company specialized in automated near-field test solutions for a wide range of existing and new technologies. Our approach through working directly with world leading manufacturers provides a unique opportunity and insight into emerging technologies where our solutions ensure they get to the market quicker.


Our near-field systems have helped design engineers realise their goals faster, with some of the highest return on investment test solutions available to the market. APREL approach all system sales as a new partnership with the end user and are proud that our test solutions have aided in the development and design of some of the leading technologies on the market.

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