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EM-ISight has evolved into an automated solution for many technologies as it supports design, development and certification of electronics.


By evaluating the near-field of a given device, EM-ISight can help to identify the source of problems and our far-field approximation software feature compliments existing test methods. Additional modules like the USA enhance the ability to evaluate both emission and susceptibility.

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  • 10 kHz - 40 GHz frequency range

  • High resolution scan (0.02mm)

  • Coarse scan function (>10mm)

  • Dynamic touch detection

  • 4D Measurements using X, Y, Z and PHI movements

  • Complete distribution  presented in 3D or 4D plot

  • Source direction plots (vector)

  • Customizable reports automatically exported to MS Word

  • 5 or 6 Axis Articulated Robotic System Options



  • Integrated Circuit/Printed Circuit Board

  • Wireless modules

  • De-Sense testing (receiver circuits)

  • Medical devices

  • Automotive and aviation

  • Electronic device emissions

  • Pre-Compliance testing  

  • Quality control/audit

  • Cell phone/computer devices

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