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Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) evaluation of wireless handsets ensures accessibility of these technologies to the hearing impaired.


The MiNi-HAC system can be used for the design and development of wireless handsets as well as for evaluation of hearing aids used by the hearing impaired to gain access to mobile wireless technologies. 




  • 5 Axis Denso Robot

  • Comprehensive measurement package

  • Hearing Aid Measurement Module

  • Active and Passive  twin-axis T-Coil probes

  • Fully characterized Helmholtz Coil and TMFS

  • Firmware controlled DAQ for future proof upgrades

  • Full graphic package for visualization and manipulation of measured data

  • Audio DAQ-PAQ with built in amplifier for T-Coil validation (requires an additional Helmholtz Coil and software upgrade)

  • RF Emissions Test - near field measurements of the electric and magnetic fields emitted by a wireless device

  • RF E-Field emissions V/m

  • RF H-Field emissions A/m

  • Audio Frequency T-Coil Tests

  • ABM1 intensity and frequency response

  • ABM2 intensity and frequency response

  • Fast Furrier transform and audio quality analysis

  • ANSI C63.19 2011

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