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The 5G Solution

Poynting vector histogram


Antenna Measurement System (AMS) was created to support the measurement of next generation 5G/6G wireless devices, autonomous vehicles, and high speed digital electronics. The system can support a number of test applications including:

  • Antenna Directivity and Gain 

  • MPE

  • Advanced Poynting vector and phase analysis.

EM-ISight-AMS advantages:

  • Configured from 10GHz to 110GHz

  • Customised to suit the measurement need and size of device to be tested 

  • Standard probes include H and E field options 

  • Advanced Cross-Detection techniques for complex field analysis

  • Built on Keysight PNA-B platform

  • S-parameter measurements can be executed along with traditional spectrum analysis.

Applications such as 802.11AD, Automotive Radar (Autonomous Vehicle), Satellite Communications, and High Speed/High Frequency wireless systems can be easily measured. 

Over-the-Air analysis of V and W bands now possible using Aprel's EM-ISight
along with RF-ISight analytical toolbox. 

Advanced functions include:


  • E and H field vector distribution

  • Phase shift between E and H fields

  • Power density

  • Radial signal patterns

  • Spatial orientation of wave propagation

  • Poynting vector directivity

  • Beam forming

  • Standing wave ratio

  • Backscattering effect

                  E Field                                                                  H Field


  • 10 kHz - 110 GHz frequency range

  • High resolution scan (0.02mm)

  • Coarse scan function (>10mm)

  • Dynamic touch detection

  • 4D Measurements using X, Y, Z and PHI movements

  • Complete distribution  presented in 3D or 4D plot

  • Source direction plots (vector)

  • Customizable reports automatically exported to MS Word

  • 5 or 6 Axis Articulated Robotic System Options



  • Integrated Circuit/Printed Circuit Board

  • Wireless modules

  • De-Sense testing (receiver circuits)

  • Medical devices

  • Automotive and aviation

  • Electronic device emissions

  • Pre-Compliance testing  

  • Quality control/audit

  • Cell phone/computer devices

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