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EM-ISight Antenna Measurement for

Beamforming and Chip Antenna

5G MPE Assessment

–Power density

–Emitted power

–E and H field peak cross-detection

–Poynting vector

5G Antenna design



–E/H phase shift

–Beam forming/orientation

–Reverse energy

–Decoupled E and H near-field

EM-ISight-AMS 5G
Antenna Measurement System

• EM-ISight-AMS developed to support 5G antenna and system evaluation

• Created to support the development of a new generation of 5G and 6G devices, including the new IEC JWG 12: IEC/IEEE Joint Working Group  “Measurement methods to assess the power density in close proximity to the head and body” standards

• Frequency support for transceivers operating above 10GHz, in line with the next generation of wireless standards ITU-R IMT-202

• Features a set of analytical tools for accurate evaluation of device performance for frequencies up to 110 GHz

Co-planar microstrip:

  • comparison of H-field distribution measured with 0.5 mm and 0.05 mm resolution steps

  • 2D and 3D plots for Iso and ThetaMax  E and H field distribution

• APREL Inc. was formed in 1981 in Ottawa Canada with over 35 years experience in communications technology

• Based in Kanata, Ontario Canada with a support office in Taipei Taiwan, Seoul South Korea and Penang Malaysia

• Hold key positions on international standards development committees including IEC

• First automated system shipped to Panasonic in 2001, first EM-ISight system shipped to Intel in 2010

• Over 60 installation sites globally operating in automotive, aviation, electronics, enterprise solutions and mobile communications

• APREL are a Keysight solutions partner

• Ability to create custom solutions for customers

• All systems developed and manufactured in Canada

Poynting vector
E-probe RMS
H-probe resolution
H-probe RMS
E-probe resolution
Compliance standards
Turnkey 5G solution
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